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Irish Flutes

Flutes for traditional music based on Nicholson type 19th century
concert flutes. Three different embouchure types are offered:

Rudall and Rose - oval in shape and moderate in size, producing a sweet and focused tone.

Pratten - a large oval shape, big sound.

X Cut - a rectangular shape for a vibrant powerful sound.
Made with two outer profiles: thinned, or unthinned.

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Keyless flute in grenadilla wood with silver tuning slide and 6 silver rings.
Keyed flute in grenadilla wood with silver tuning slide and 6 silver rings:
One-keyed: Eb $2,200
Four-keyed: the above and short F, G#, Bb $3,250
Six-keyed: the above and long F,C $4,150
Eight-keyed: the above and low C, C#, with
Interlocking Keys
F Flute in grenadilla wood with silver tuning slide and rings.
Flute with eight acanthus leaf motif keys, elaborate crown, lined keyways all in silver gilt, tuning slide and an emerald or other stone set in crown spindle.
  Please ask.
Options Available:
Acanthus leaf keys
Acanthus leaf rings
Hammered rings
Lined keyways
Boxwood, Cocus, Rosewood
Middle joint to play Eb
Inlaid silver lip plate
D foot, separate
Short F Roller
Headjoint, separate
C foot with interlocking C, C#, separate
Thinned head, add
Blow edge insert: mother of pearl, horn
Blow edge insert: amber
Case, fitted, leather covered
Aluminum case, for divided left/right hand joints only
Nylon case cover for above
Roll up nylon case
Custom Head Crowns
Standard Head Crown
Rudall Rose Patent Crown
Amethyst Cabuchon
Faceted Amethyst
Chatterwork with Inlaid Silver Ring
Amber Cabouchon
Faceted Amethyst in Boxwood
Flutes are made with either large or small finger holes. Headjoints are made lined or unlined but thinned heads are unlined only. All flutes come with a head crown with a screw to adjust the headcork position. Silver rings are half round Rudall Rose type; flush bands; or hammered. A sturdy black plastic case is included.
The usual flute is in D at a=440. Flutes can be made in F, Eb, Bb, C and A. Prices for larger flutes on request.

To place an order, please send a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the purchase price. This secures your place on the waiting list.

Prices in U.S. dollars as of February, 2016.

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